Valerie Lee Turner AFALI RecruitmentChief Operating Officer & VP Business Development,
AFALI Recruitment a subsidiary of AFALI Business Solutions

Valerie is an entrepreneurial executive with over 30 years experience in leadership roles at the district, regional, national,corporate level for start-ups and established Fortune 500 companies in highly competitive markets, domestic and foreign. She is a visionary leader and has served as the VP of HR, Marketing & Advertising, Operations, and Interim CEO.

Areas of Expertise

Valerie is a highly focused, goal oriented team player with a track record of consistently exceeding sales objectives contributing to a company’s growth and success. Her strengths include developing and nurturing positive relationships, trouble shooting and problem solving. She has a solid command of a variety of sales strategies complemented by strong people assessment and interaction skills. Her joy comes in helping people reach their maximum potential.

• Held Senior management positions throughout a dynamic tenure that included an appointment to CEO and quadrupled sales

• Held full P&L responsibility for all phases of the business including HR, On-site Training and coaching of employees for all departments (Administration, Human Resources, Sales, Graphics, Production, Quality Control, Shipping, Customer Service), policy formulation, goal setting, incentive programs, product promotions and competitive sales commissions

• Developed a portfolio of 500 accounts through identification of unique business opportunities, execution of corporate presentations, strong contract negotiation & closing skills

• Develop relationships with clients,provide excellent customer service, resulting in customer loyalty,repeat business, increased greater market penetration. Increased customer worth by adding additional products & services offsetting costs for delivery, increasing profit margins

• As VP of Operations and HR, my goal was to build a team of talented individuals that could work together to grow to their highest potential and reach strategic initiatives resulting in maximum revenue and profitability.

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